Ministry of Transport rejects obstacles imposed by US-Saudi aggression on flights from Sana’a airport


The Ministry of Transport confirmed its rejection of the obstacles imposed by the US-Saudi aggression on flights from Sana’a International Airport to destinations needed by the Yemeni people, including Jordan.

An official source at the Ministry of Transport emphasized that the US-Saudi aggression persists in its efforts to enforce an air blockade on Sana’a Airport, further tightening its grip on the Yemeni people for the 10th consecutive year.

He highlighted that the decisions made by the Saudi-American-British aggression to prolong the siege on Sana’a International Airport reveal their lack of commitment to peace and their disregard for ceasefire efforts.

The official affirmed that the Yemeni people, who have steadfastly resisted the US-Saudi aggression for nine years, will not yield to the conspiracies of pro-Zionist forces. He indicated that the aggression coalition aims to intensify the blockade and economic hardship on the Yemeni people in an attempt to weaken their solidarity with the people of Palestine in Gaza.

Furthermore, he reiterated the ministry’s rejection of the barriers imposed by the Saudi aggression coalition on limited flights from Sana’a International Airport to Jordan. He emphasized that the Yemeni people insist on their lawful and humanitarian right to travel to all destinations without restriction or precondition.