UNESCO condemns US-UK’s aggression on Yemen


Yemen’s National Commission for Education, Culture and Science (UNESCO) condemned on Saturday the American and British’s air strikes on Yemen.

In a statement, the UNESCO denounced also the US-UK aggressive forces’ targeting of the radio building and the Salif port in Hodeida province, which resulted in the martyrdom and injury of dozens of journalists, media professionals, and civilians, and the destruction of the radio building.

The statement considered this aggression a violation of international laws and norms and international humanitarian law, which criminalizes the targeting of civilian objects in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

It called on United Nations and international organizations concerned with human rights and the protection of journalists and media professionals to carry out their humanitarian role in condemning these crimes and demanding the prosecution of their perpetrators.

“This crime is an extension of the crimes of the Zionist entity against journalists and media professionals in Gaza, to silence the voice of truth and expose the crimes of genocide in the Strip,” the statement added.