Parliament commends positions of revolution’s leader, his keenness to protect interests of Yemeni people


The Presidium of the Yemeni Parliament, chaired by Speaker Yahya al-Rai’, commended the political leadership and Revolution Leader Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi for their steadfast commitment to safeguarding Yemeni interests amidst ongoing political and economic conspiracies aimed at the Yemeni people. These efforts are particularly highlighted in their support for the Palestinian cause.

The Presidium emphasized that despite these conspiracies, Yemen remains resolute in its support for Palestine. It vowed to continue battling against Zionist aggression until the cessation of hostilities and the lifting of the siege on Gaza and other occupied Palestinian territories.

There was firm support expressed for revolutionary changes and comprehensive reforms within Yemeni state institutions. Additionally, the Presidium backed measures to counter aggressive economic escalations by the Saudi regime, perceived as serving American and Zionist interests.

The Presidium expressed approval and support for Yemeni naval forces’ operations in various strategic maritime zones.

It asserted Yemen’s legitimate right to defend its waters and coastline, particularly targeting ships and movements deemed hostile to Yemeni and Palestinian interests.

It welcomed collaborative efforts with the Iraqi resistance, underscoring the importance of unified actions against common adversaries.

The Presidium urged accuracy and responsibility in media and social networking coverage of national and international developments, emphasizing the importance of controlling the narrative around Yemeni and Palestinian issues.