Popular protests in Aden and demanding the departure of the occupiers and their tools


occupied Aden witnessed popular protests denouncing the deteriorating living and economic situation and the policy of impoverishment and starvation.

The protesters raised banners calling for the departure of the occupiers, invaders, and their agents, traitors, and mercenaries, due to the deterioration and lack of basic services.

The spread of corruption and the deterioration and collapse of the currency
Protesters gathered in Al-Tawahi District, expressing their dissatisfaction with the current situation and demanding immediate measures to improve living conditions.

They pointed to the worsening problems of water outages and the deterioration of hygiene and sanitation services, which made daily life more difficult and dangerous.

The protesters stressed that administrative corruption, mismanagement of local resources, and deterioration of services have directly affected people’s lives.

They warned that the continuation of the situation as it is will not be tolerated and that their exit will continue and escalate until the departure of the occupiers, invaders and their tools.