Sayyid Abdul-Malik vows economic battle with Saudi Arabia, threatens Riyadh airport closure


The Leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Din al-Houthi, on Sunday vowed to move the economic battle to the heart of Saudi Arabia and close Riyadh Airport in exchange for Sana’a International Airport.

“We cannot remain silent about the stupid steps of the Saudi regime against the Yemeni people,” Sayyid Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi said in a speech he delivered this evening on the occasion of the new Hijri year 1446.

The leader of the revolution indicated that one of the most important things Americans are focusing on is the economic field because it harms all people. He stated that “the Americans had pressured for the transfer of banks from Sana’a, which was a crazy and stupid step.”

Sayyid Abdul-Malik pointed out that he had directed advice and a warning to the Saudi regime through all mediators to withdraw from the foolish step, but it is still procrastinating, calling on the Saudi regime to realize that it is not possible to remain silent about “its reckless, stupid steps and wrong path.”

The leader of the revolution affirmed, “We will respond to all steps in the same way: banks against banks, Riyadh airport against Sana’a airport, and ports against ports.”

Sayyid Abdul-Malik addressed the Saudi regime, saying, “We will say that the banks in Riyadh must move and go. Do you accept this and consider it a logical thing, so why do you want to impose it on our country?”

He pointed out that the American wants to involve Saudi Arabia in a comprehensive war,” that is, to return the situation with us to what it was at the height of the escalation.”

The leader of the revolution added that “the Saudis have no cause or justification for their aggressive actions against our people other than serving the Israelis.”

He stressed, “We will not stand idly by their crazy steps or watch our people starve and their economic situation collapse, and our preoccupation with the direct battle to support Gaza does not mean that we will not be able to do anything about their crazy steps.”

Sayyid Abdul-Malik considered what would be done to confront the aggression and confront any steps comes within “the framework of the confrontation with the Americans.”