Saudi-led Aggression Warplanes Wage Airstrikes on Yemeni Provinces


Al-Thawra Net

A woman was injured when the US-backed Saudi-led coalition launched ground attacks and 14 air strikes on several provinces of Yemen over the past 24 hours, according to a report combined by Saba News agency on Monday.

In Saada province, a woman was injured when the Saudi force shelled several areas of Razeh border district by artillery shells.

Meanwhile, the Saudi rockets and shelling targeted several areas of Shada border district and Ghor area of Ghmer district.

Moreover, the Saudi-American aggression warplanes launched an air strike on Shair mountain of Baqem district and another one on Ghamar area of Razeh district.

In Hajjah province, Saudi-American aggression fighter jets waged 11 air strikes Haradh and Medi districts.

In Jizan border province, the Saudi-led coalition aggression warplanes carried out an air strike on Jara valley.