Mohammed al-Houthi: International tolerance encourages invaders to commit crimes against Yemen


AL-Thawra Net

The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has stressed that the blame for the continued crimes of the Saudi-led invaders against Yemen is also with the international community as a whole. All-Houthi emphasized that the international tolerance for and acceptance of the Saudi campaign of aggression and terrorism has encouraged the invaders to continue their crimes against Yemen.

“International food stores were targeted today in Hodeidah in an indicator of the implementation of the plan of the US-Saudi aggression and its allies to make stores, silos and densely populated neighborhoods into “legitimate targets” for their terrorist operations,” the leader of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee spoke on Friday.

“The destruction of a food storage facility due to the fighting in the coastal city of Hodeidah could threaten to disrupt the efforts to feed millions in Yemen. All organizations must continue their work so as not to allow aggression to reach their targets in starving citizens.”

On Friday, the Saudi aggressors bombed a storage facility of the World Food Programme with howitzer shells, destroying massive quantities of food meant to be distributed amongst the poor and hungry of Yemen. Only one day before, Mohammed al-Houthi had warned for such a thing to happen, having said: “there is a plan by the US-Saudi aggression and its allies to target the warehouses of international aid organizations and mills in Hodeidah, in addition to the random targeting of housing densely populated.”