Conference in Italy discusses forgotten war on Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

A group of activists for Yemen in a corporation with “The Nicola Bombacci Cultural Circle” have organized a conference on Friday in the Italian city of Piacenza about the forgotten war on Yemen.

In the conference, Dr. Tarkian, geopolitical analyst, explained the historical background of the Yemeni revolution against foreign interferences and why European people must be concerned about Yemen.

She further spoke about the Saudi coalition threat on people all over the world especial Wahhabism ideology which has been accused of being “a source of global terrorism” across the globe.

During the conference, Images and footages were projected, explaining the grave situation in Yemen caused by the Saudi-led aggression coalition.

Participants in the conference shared their view and condemned the Saudi coalition war on Yemen

The conference unequivocally condemned the coalition’s crimes and the international hypocrisy towards the ongoing blockade of Yemen.

They called on the United Nations to shoulder its responsibility towards Yemen and to put a stop to the Saudi-led aggression.