Foreign Minister Meets with ICRC Director of Operations


Al- Thawra Net

Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf met on Saturday with Dominik Stillhart, Director of Operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

At the meeting, they discussed aspects of cooperation between Yemen and the ICRC and ways to strengthen and develop them.

The minister said that the aggression countries continue to violate the international law and human rights in targeting of Yemeni civilians and their residential areas.

“We praise the ICRC’s role and its delegation in doubling the humanitarian work in Yemen and carrying out of the prisoner exchange deal reached in the UN-sponsored Stockholm agreement,” the minister added.

Sharaf renewed the National Salvation Government’s readiness to provide all facilities to the organizations operating in Yemen.

For his part, Dominik Stillhart appreciated the facilities provided by the  Salvation Government to the ICRC delegation, stressing on increasing support to alleviate then suffering of the Yemeni people.