SAM Organization: Saudi-led coalition deliberately kills civilians in Yemen


Al- Thawra Net

The coalition is practicing a deliberate killing of civilians by insisting on regular and semi-systematic bombings of civilians, the Geneva-based SAM Rights and freedoms organization said.

The organization said in a statement on issued Sunday that there is no hope for a credible, transparent and impartial investigation, but that the investigations conducted by the coalition through the so-called “Accident Assessment Committee” have avoided the coalition states and their military leadership the international legal responsibility, and created unacceptable justifications for committing crimes against civilians.

The coalition “last year launched more than 200 random air raids”, which is against the principles of proportionality and discrimination stated by international and humanitarian laws, the organization’s statement read.

Geneva-based SAM Rights and freedoms organization condemned Friday’ crime committed by the Saudi-led coalition against a whole family in Warzan district of Taiz Province, southwest Yemen, in which seven citizens were killed and four others wounded, including three women and six children on Friday.