Saudi Warplanes Launched 36 Raids on Yemeni Provinces and Continue to breach the Cease- Fire Agreement


The aggression forces continued violating the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah province while the Saudi warplanes targeted four provinces with 36 raids during the past 24 hours.

A military official said to SABA that the aggression forces committed 26 breaches, including the flight of a warplane over the sky of Hays, four spy planes in the airspace of the 50th and al-Jah Streets and seven violations of artillery shelling, including 49 shells and 14 breaches with live bullets.

The official said that the aggression launched a raid on al-Mazraq area in Harad district of Hajjah province, and eight raids on the districts of al-Qurashiya, Natea and al-Sawadiyah of Al-Bayda province.

He pointed out that the hostile warplanes launched  16 raids on Najd Al-Ataq in Serwah district and Salb in Majzar district in Marib province, and 11 raids on al-Aqsha and al-Khusf areas in al-Hazm district of al-Jawf province.