Thousands of expatriates demonstrate in US, condemning murder of al-Sanabani


Tens of thousands of members of the Yemeni community and the international campaign team to lift the siege of Sana’a International Airport took to the streets of New York, Michigan, California and most states, condemning the killing  of Abdul-Malik al-Sanabani by criminal gangs affiliated with the Saudi-Emirati-US coalition aggression countries in Tor al-Baha district of Lahj province, southern Yemen.

The protesters denounced the murder of Al-Sanabanai, blaming Saudi-led aggression countries and the United Nations for this heinous crime.

They demanded that Sana’a international airport to be opened again as it is the only safe passage for the Yemeni travelers .

A number of American politicians, including the Attorney General of the Democratic Party Local Council and the US Senator for New York City, also participated in the event in New York State.