Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi: Yemen has reached advanced level of military capability


Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi affirmed on Wednesday that Hajjah province is one of the provinces that has a historical record in confronting foreign invasion, that it has been clear since the first day with its great contribution that shows the faith values.

The Leader of the Revolution said in his speech during his meeting with dignitaries and people of Hajjah: “I am happy to talk to you on this day and we are in an important stage in which we are talking to our people about what concerns us all, from a position of feeling responsible before God Almighty towards ourselves and our people.”

He added: “We are in this country, for the eighth year, confronting the brutal American-Saudi aggression, and with the praise of God Almighty, and with his help, support and victory, we have overcome difficult stages and great challenges.”

He continued, “We lived with the loyal and honorable people of Hajjah and its dear and free men in all this stage, the brotherhood of faith, the sincere start, and the practical response within the framework of the right position to advance the responsibility of faith and respond to God Almighty, in performing the duty of holy jihad, to confront the enemies of our people and the enemies of our nation.”

The Leader of the Revolution pointed out that the Hajjah presented thousands of righteous martyrs, and gave many and many in its giving at all levels.

He said, “Its loyal men and brave heroes attended on all fronts and fields, and there is no front of the fronts to confront the aggression without the people of Hajjah. Those who had a great role in confronting the aggression, in addition to giving in convoys, patience in fulfilling this sacred responsibility, and steadfastness in the situation, regardless of the extent of the suffering.”

He pointed out that the Yemeni people in all the provinces took the honorable and heroic stance, which is an extension of the bright history of this great country and its blessed people.

He added, “The enemies’ hope was that our people in the various provinces would be confused by the arrogant and aggressive attack, and their ambition was to strike at the people of this country at all levels, militarily with tyranny and genocide, targeting people in their weddings, sorrows, markets and various gatherings, and by killing and destroying their residential and civil facilities and their public interests.

He the aggression countries also launched a comprehensive targeting of all forms of life, in addition to their media, political and propaganda attack and all forms of war, to confuse the people of the country and lead them to a state of defeat, surrender and despair.

He added, “But they, the aggression countries, were surprised that the reaction of our people in the various provinces, including the proud province of Hajjah and its honorable heroes, was conscious and insightful, stemming from the reality of faith affiliation, which is a testament to the saying of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and his family and grant them peace, “Faith is Yemen” and true to the words of God. Glory be to God, to His Messenger, and to the believers.

The Leader of the Revolution stated that the reaction of the Yemeni people was represented in steadfastness by God Almighty, and launching with a high spirit and great courage, with the serenity that God granted to his faithful servants in the face of horrors, severe events, difficulties and challenges.

He said, “The strong start of our people was in confronting the aggression in all fields on the battlefield with convoys of men and popular gifts, and the broad response with urgent panic at all field developments, as well as intensive recruitment and convoys of giving.”

He pointed out that when the enemies targeted the people of the country with a severe siege, they tried to turn them against each other so that the reaction was directed inward, to those concerned with confronting the aggression, instead of heading to the enemy who committed the crime of aggression, siege and destruction of infrastructure.

The Leader of the Revolution pointed out that the enemy, in all its conspiracies, sought to stir up strife and internal problems and used propaganda war to dismantle society and distract it from paying attention to its priorities and responsibilities, but it failed in all of that, and shocked the level of awareness of the people of this country, emphasizing that it was natural for the enemy to fail in return.

He stated that Hajjah is one of the provinces that most targeted by the enemies in terms of genocide crimes in some weddings, markets and gatherings in various districts, and the suffering on the standard of living, as a result of the siege and targeting of public services and interests, as well as the suffering of the fishermen due to the aggression.

He stressed that the great suffering did not increase the people of this province except with dignity, steadfastness and awareness with the length of the period, the large number of targeting and the magnitude of the aggression, and this is the conscious faith and trust in God, authenticity, freedom, dignity, honor and pride, which makes a person more steadfast the greater his oppression.

Sayyed Abdumalik al-Houthi said, “We derive our steadfastness in the face of challenges from our dependence on God, who connects hearts, brings down serenity, stabilizes feet, pays off the throw, and gives morale and relief in the most severe cases.” It frustrated him and made him live in the bitterness of despair and loss, and surprised the various countries of the world, and made them look with reverence for the people of Yemen.

He added, “Today, when we are in the eighth year, we have experienced the crimes of the coalition of aggression, and its hostile campaigns, at the military and security levels, and at the level of conspiracies aimed at provoking strife in the social reality, or the great suffering in the living situation and the economic aspect.”

He pointed out that the country faces a set of challenges, the first of which is the suffering caused by the aggression and siege that is supervised by the US and implemented by the Saudi, Emirati and their mercenaries, in addition to the challenges and crises that have occurred in the world as a result of the American policies and with them and behind them the Jewish lobby, indicating that the crisis has spread to the whole world Islam, the Arab region and at the international level.

He mentioned that there are very big crises at the international level, because America tended to open new conflicts with the Russians and China, by provoking wars, strife and problems in human society, in the face of all these crises and the continuous conspiracies targeting the country from the inside and the challenges that direct us in the military, security, economic and living aspects, in addition to the burdens of the past stages, we are faced with two options: either we are in a state of heedlessness and despair, no responsibility, and a lack of direction towards what we should do, and the crises crush us, We are greatly affected by these challenges, and the enemies find their opportunity to target our people, or we proceed from the faith logic with which we have faced all the challenges over the past years, so we move from the reality of our belonging and our trust in God’s sincere promise, and this is the right choice.”

The Leader of the Revolution pointed out the importance of moving on the basis of trust in God and responding to Him in all fields of work, and proceeding in all fields according to the principle of “and cooperate in righteousness and piety” provided that the movement is collectively, officially and popularly, to achieve this principle.

He pointed to the great results that have been achieved on the military side, the first of which is in the field by preventing the enemy from achieving its goal. He said: “But it is expected that the enemy will repeat its attempts, and therefore on the field level we should constantly strengthen the fronts, and strengthen the building of military formations. Recruitment, training, rehabilitation, and formation of combat brigades.

He added, “We have reached an advanced level in the military aspect that many Arab countries do not possess, and we are now manufacturing long-range missiles, thanks to God, that reach any point in the countries of the aggression,” stressing that the production of missiles such as “Dhulfiqar” and “Al-Quds”. And other types of long, short and medium range, continuous and day by day more accurate and more developed.

The Leader of the Revolution emphasized that various types of weapons are now manufactured locally, from pistols to Kalashnikovs to cannons to missiles, and this is a great achievement and gives hope in various fields.

He said: “What we lack in other fields, including the economic aspect, is the practical orientation.”

He called on merchants, the private sector and citizens in general to go to local production through the establishment of investment institutions and associations, as local production has become a necessity by all considerations.

He explained that the conflict in the West, in Ukraine, and the conflict between the Russians and China on the one hand, and America on the other, have had a significant impact on complicating the issue of import from abroad.

He continued, “When merchants continue to rely on providing goods to people from China, Europe and distant countries and neglect local production, many problems arise, including currency and access to dollars, and this affects the purchasing power in the country”, pointing to the problem of high oil derivatives and what resulting in a high cost of transportation.

However, the Leader of the Revolution said: “If we turn to local production, the cost will be very low, and we will be able to achieve self-sufficiency for the country. Many things that are imported from abroad can be produced at home, especially with regard to food, clothing and necessary requirements, but this needs cooperation.”

He pointed to the importance of establishing investment companies, but according to correct foundations. He said: “We are facing these challenges and we must continue our interest at all levels. At the military level, recruitment and mobilization must continue until there is a striking force from the people of this proud province who will confront all the enemies who they are trying to penetrate the province.”

He explained that the security mission is to serve the community, which knows that one of the most important things it needs for the stability of its life is security and safety, which requires attention to monitoring the performance of workers in this aspect, taking care of prisons and prisoners, and on the human side, and being wary of injustice and behaviors that are inconsistent with Islamic values.

The Leader of the Revolution indicated that the enemies are working to target security from multiple aspects, including stirring up strife among the people of society, and turning any dispute between the people of society into a conflict, so that people lose their security and stability.

He stressed the need for everyone to be aware that the enemy seeks to turn differences into a conflict and internal fighting, because the fighting between members of the community deepens the wounds.

He pointed out that what the enemy focuses on most at this stage is hashish and narcotics trafficking, and some are drawn to this aspect of trafficking in greed for money, and this is a dangerous matter and its perpetrator commits multiple crimes before God Almighty.

He said, “The harms and effects of drug trafficking are very numerous at the level of the spread of crimes and sins, and other health damages,” stressing that whoever works in such matters is one of those who contribute to spreading crimes and corruption, and this is a major crime.

He added: “Some of the people who trade in this seek to have a prestige and social protection, and seek to divide the gifts for this and that, and when security measures come to prevent them from these crimes, some sympathize with him, so someone comes to defend him, review him, and solidarity with him.” That society seeks to shun all those who trade in these taboos, so that no one cooperates with them.

The Leader of the Revolution pointed out that the guardians of Satan practice all forms of targeting society, to spread crimes, hatred, and hostility but when there is awareness, understanding, cooperation in righteousness and piety, and concerted efforts, the enemy will fail to achieve its goals.

He also stressed the importance of concerted efforts and the formation of committees from the notables of society and the judicial side to cooperate in solving the problems of society, and to prevent any sedition among it.

He pointed out the importance of moving, promoting awareness and getting rid of unnecessary habits in the society to overcome its problems and turn to major issues, so that it would be a society. It is militarily and economically strong, and strong in its unity and brotherhood of faith.

He pointed out that one of the priority aspects is cooperation in social solidarity, and attention to paying zakat and disbursing it to its banks.

He said: “One of the main causes of poverty is the failure to pay zakat, because zakat is one of the pillars of Islam, and care must be taken to pay it and spend it in its banks, because it will play an important role in caring for the poor, who are an important group of members of society.”

He added: “At the level of taking care of the issue of zakat, attention must be paid to correcting the work in it at the level of collection and those who work on it to be at a high level of honesty, as well as at the level of spending by spending it for the real poor, and not spending it just for relationships or compliments.”

With regard to the social aspect, the Leader of the Revolution stressed the importance of reducing the costs of marriage, and this step had begun in Hajjah by setting a certain ceiling for the costs of marriage.

He stressed that raising the costs of marriage makes young people face the problem of not being able to marry and increases negative phenomena.

He urged the continuing to spread awareness in the community and confront misleading propaganda at the cultural and intellectual level, paying attention to the educational aspect, lifting grievances and raising awareness, and inspecting the conditions of people, for which the great responsibility rests on the official side, through proximity to people and justice for any oppressed in any location of sites.

He said: “On the service side, there is a very great importance for cooperation between the community and the official side, as many areas need roads and water, and these are very urgent priorities, and they need cooperation in social initiatives between citizens and the official side.”

He also stressed the importance of solving the problem of domestic gas, adjusting the distribution process correctly, addressing any problems and imbalances in this aspect, and keenness to combat epidemics, especially in the coastal districts, from which citizens suffer greatly.

The Leader of the Revolution pointed to the importance of cooperation with the people of the province in the various districts in all matters of importance and urgent necessity at the service level.

He added: “With our attention, cooperation, practical response, our trust in God and our trust in Him, and with patience in the reality of work, we reach the achievement of important and fruitful results in all fields.”