The International Community Ignore The War Crimes Against Children

سبتمبر 15th, human rights activists, lawyers and media representatives called the international community and the United Nations to stop the Saudi-led coalition aggression on Yemen in held a seminar entitled Yemen children under bombing and the international community doesn’t care held by Ain alahrar organization. 
Dr. Tamim Al-Shami, official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said that 1,500 child were injured in the Saudi aggression and car bombs and 1’000 were killed by the Saudi aggression while millions of Yemeni children expose to risks.
“children in war suffer psychological pressure, the child has mental and neurological disorders, physical and sleep disorders and the decline of educational attainment,” said Al-Shami.
Abdelfattah Hydra, Yemeni journalists Union, said that the Saudi-led coalition has made the media one of their weapon to lunch the aggression on Yemen, through using the disinformation that they are targeting military institutions while their target is civilian. 
“Most of the local and foreign media contributed to raise the sectarian and regional conflicts. aggression media distort the facts and raise internal conflicts,” Hydra added.
For his part, Dr. Abdulrahman al-Zabib, Lawyer and a member of the Advisory Board in the Ministry of human rights, stressed the importance of forming an international committee to investigate the war crimes committed in Yemen, “the international humanitarian organizations have to visit Yemen and know about the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, also the relevant United Nations bodies and international organizations have to investigate the banned weapons used in Yemen.”
al-Zabib called for a medical and humanitarian appeal for humanitarian relief in Yemen to treat the injured because of the war in Yemen and save them from death as well as to stop the land, sea and air blockade.
Dr Eman Abu Hadi, the Executive Director of Ain alahrar organization, said that for the past six months, Yemeni children have been suffering physically and mentally because of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, ” children are paying the price of the cruel and criminal war. the aggression is the context of a dirty political conspiracies and agendas that kill people and children in a dirty political investment.”
Abu Hadi appealed the world to stop the river of blood in Yemen by the Saudi aggression against civilians, especially children and women.
The participants emphasized the recommendations of the seminar that stressed the importance of the UN Security Council, international human rights NGOs and legal authorities to put a punishment for the aggressor to Yemen. 
The participants recommended the need to commit aggression leaders not to target civilians, especially children as a war crime and ask the international commissions to investigate all violations and crimes against humanity in Yemen.