Death Toll Rises Because Of The Saudi Aggression On Yemen

The total number of death on الأربعاء سبتمبر 16th rose to 56 martyrs and dozens of wounded people because of the Saudi aggression raids that targeted several Yemeni provinces.
The official spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health and Population Dr. Tamim Al-Shami said that the final result of the martyrs on Sada’a, Amran, Mahweet, Hajjah and Dhamar was 56 martyrs and dozens of wounded.
Al-Shami said that the death toll in the capital Sana’a raised.
The fighter aggression launched dozens of raids on الثلااثاء, سبتمبر 15th, targeting citizens homes, residential areas, bridges and public transportation routes that linking the capital Sana’a with a number of provinces.