Al-Houthi to the Britain’s Independent: Any War In The World Can Only End With Talks


Althawra Net

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, President of the Revolutionary Committee said that the solution should always be with talks and any war in the world can only end with national dialogue

al-Houthi  added that Ceasefires instigated in May and July both failed due to an absence of Saudi guarantees that bombing would stop. “We decided to combat those who fight us”

In an interview with Britain’s Independent newspaper, al-Houthi said that they believe from the start of the war, the person responsible for what is happening in Yemen is the US, “they are the ones who are instigating Saudi Arabia to fight us. America creates foreign policy for the world and gets the GCC [Gulf Co-operation Council] to adopt it. We are also a group of Yemeni people with values and principles of the Yemeni people, united with Yemenis against injustice”

Al-Houthi added that Yemenis are civilised people who believe in democracy and those who hold the authoritarian ideology spread chaos everywhere

“We cannot be calm while they are fighting us. When we stopped the fighting at the Saudi border, they [the GCC] continued the air strikes and they breached the ceasefire,” he added

Al-Houthi noted that the Saudis of crimes are targeting the civilians, “they target jails with their air strikes and they target hospitals, roads, markets, schools and hotels. They targeted a wedding in al-Mokha killing more than 100 people”

President of the Revolutionary Committee added that the Saudi Arabia sends weapons and arms to the tribesmen so they can fight Yemenis, “I just tell them, ‘Keep it. It’s a gift. Get ready to fight them.’ Yemeni tribes have the tradition they don’t want to be a colony”

“We always tell our enemies: ‘Don’t fool yourself that you will win against Yemeni people because Yemeni people will regain control,” he worn

When asked about the claimed financial backing of the Houthis by Tehran, al-Houthi said, “If I had Iran’s financial support, I would be in Riyadh now. In this war, did you see any Iranian rockets leave from Yemen? Did you see us driving Iranian tanks? Did you see us driving armed vehicles from Iran?”

 “We challenge Saudi GCC countries to fight Iran. Iran is so dangerous to them: go fight Iran, not us. Don’t make the Yemeni community suffer”

Al-Houthi said that the Revolutionary Committee has saved billions by weeding out corruption instigated by Yemen’s ousted government. “We tried to stop corruption and identify what caused it. For example, in the Central Bank of Yemen, after saving billions of dollars, the money was not used for the community. The government officials pocketed it for themselves”