European Decision Is A Start To Prosecute Saudi Officials For War Crimes In Yemen


Althawra Net
European decision that stop the arms selling to Saudi Arabia, according to the media circles in Europe, it may pave the way to Prosecute Saudi officials in front European courts in war crimes and humanitarian violation issues that Saudi Arabia committed on Yemen.
European Parliament voted, on Thursday February 25, 2016, in favor of an EU-wide embargo on selling arms to Saudi Arabia that were used to kill Yemeni civilians and hit civilian’s population centers.
An international report accused at least 12 countries, most of them are European as well as Turkey and the United States, of supplying arms to Saudi Arabia used in Yemen ongoing war that started in 2015.
According to Amnesty International organization the countries should stop selling weapons that worth billions to kill civilians in Yemen.
After the decision approval , Eva Joly, the French deputy in the European Parliament, demanded to embargo on selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Joly also expressed the European displeasure about Saudi not being prosecuted with their crimes against Yemen.
London Today’s Opinion indicated that Saudi’s ambassadors in Brussels tried to disapprove the decision against Saudi Arabia but all their attempt have failed.