Agreement TO Send Ceasefire Monitors to Yemen

مساع حثيثة للوصول لوقف اطلاق النار باليمن

Al-Thawra Net

Ismail uold chieck Ahmad , UN envoy  to Yemen, announced that the parties of conflicts agreed to send monitors to supervised the truce in Yemen after delaying the peace talks due to the disagreement about the general negotiation agenda .

” It has been agreed that the tow negotiation parties will send two monitors to Yemen  to observe the work of the truce committee in order to ensure the implementation the cease-fire. ”

A participants in Yemen  peace talks in Kuwait said that the parties of conflict did not reach final agreement to the cease-fire, because the party of the Yemeni fugitive former president Hadi  insisted to continue the airstrikes.

He added that UN envoy is doing his best to reach a comprehensive agreement between all parties of conflict.