Saudi Regime Rejects To Renew Riyadh’s Mercenaries’ Governmental Visits Visas

بحاح يرفض تعديلات هادي على حكومته

Al-Thawra Net

Media sources reveled that Saudi regime decided not to Renewal the residence and visas to Riyadh’s mercenaries under the name of  (Government Visit Visas) that they had in the beginning of the Saudi aggression.

According to sources, the mercenaries was surprised by these decisions, when they rejected to renew their visas without clarifying the reasons.

The information indicated that these decisions are directions from Saudi Interior Minister and the crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef.

Mercenaries’ Media covered these decisions under a frame of ( return Hadi’s fugitive government to Yemen), while activists commented sarcastically that this is a clear punitive action against mercenaries because of their failure in achieving any victory within a year of aggression.

Since the beginning of April, the arguments between Hadi and Bahah made a case of division that led to many   mutual accusations of corruption and revealed many of its aspects.