More Than 84 Mercenaries killed and Others 90 injured in Nihem


Al-Thawra net

Jun 11th, at least 174 of Saudi –American aggression mercenaries were killed and many others injured including leaders during their attempts to creep towards Jabal al-Kohul in Nihem district in the past two days, a military source confirmed.

A military sources told Saba News Agency that the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees’ forces stopped many advancing attempts for mercenaries to creep towards Jabal al-Kohul and al-Qarn  in Nihem district , resulting death of 84 mercenaries and nearly 90 were injured and missing  included.

The same source pointed out that the Brigadier General Hamid al-Tweiti the commander of Brigade 29 Mika and Abdul Jalil Abu Debeh commander of the third battalion in the brigade 141 and Yahya al-Masuri commander of the first battalion in the 121st Brigade were killed during their creeps .