Saudi Regime Strives To Block The Formation Of An Independent International Commission Of Inquiry

King Of War Crimes In Yemen

Al-Thawra Net

Yesterday, the United Nations in Geneva witnessed a real diplomatic battle between human rights defenders, Saudi Arabia and its partners, which seeks to cover up their horrific crimes against the Yemeni people and avoid putting their names on the black list that was successful in the previous time to delete them after the scandal of former Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

In this context a leaked Saudi official document by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, the head of the Royal Court and Salman’s secretary-general, al-Thawra obtained a copy of it, revealed that a number of member states of the Human Rights Council were threatened with political and economic sanctions if a draft resolution submitted by Canada and the Netherlands Calls for the establishment of an independent international commission of inquiry into the war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen.

“Saudi Arabia is in breach of the terms of its membership in the council,” the agency said, ” this reflects its behavior in ignorance and violates the foundations of the work of the Human Rights Council.”

In turn, a spokeswoman for the body said that an urgent note was sent by the Independent Commission for Monitoring the United Nations to some European countries that are members of the Human Rights Council encouraging them to support the draft resolution as a strong deterrent to Saudi violations of human rights in Yemen.

The Board believes that the Human Rights Council continues to suffer from politicization of some States and pressure groups, which renders the Council’s fundamental and moral value in supporting and protecting human rights.