Cholera epidemic worsening all over Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

The Health Bureau in Mahwit province has registered 31 deaths cases of cholera during the past year, and an approximate 1,647 people are infected with the epidemic in various provincial directorates.

According to the report, 12,673 cases of medical check-ups, showed at least 7,994 positive cases.

Dr. Amin Mohamed Hobish, Director of the Provincial Health Bureau, said that cholera cases have increased since the return of the disease in April 2018.

The health sector is making great efforts to receive, inspect and treat the infected despite the difficult conditions, he added.

The Director praised the efforts of the Ministry of Health, the leadership of the province, the support of the WHO and UNICEF in coping with the needs of hospitals and health centers by providing medical treatment and supplies to treat people infected with cholera, in order to reduce its prevalence.

Dr. Hobish pointed out that cholera treatment centers, rural hospitals and health centers in the epidemic-affected districts need to be supported more so that they can play their part in treating the infected and afflicted.