Yemeni attack on Saudi troops and mercenaries kills 65 in Najran


Al-Thawra Net

More than 65 Saudi-hired mercenaries were killed when the Fatah and Unity Brigades loyal to Saudi-led coalition aggression tried to launch several attacks on the Yemeni army positions in Najran, a military official told  Saba News Agency.

According to the official, the attacks, which took place in front of Najran province, left 65 mercenaries dead and more than 90 other militants wounded.

The attack lasted from Thursday and continued to Friday but without making any progress on the ground, the official said.

Earlier in the day, rocketry and artillery forces of the Yemeni army have fired a Zilizal missile and a number of artillery shells on gatherings of the Saudi army and its mercenaries in the Ashah triangle, leaving massive losses in the lives and equipment.