Al-Houthi condemns “Washington’s policy” towards Yemen


Al- Thawra Net

Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed al-Houthi, condemned what he called a “hostile US policy toward the Republic of Yemen.”

He called Washington’s attempt to freeze relief aid a “complex crime”, holding the coalition countries and the United States of America “responsible for the destruction of the UN peace efforts” as well as “polluting Yemen’s territorial waters and causing the death of its marine life.”

Mohammed al-Houthi said on Tuesday night: “The US administration’s campaign against aid is aggressive, and a complex crime confirms that its policy towards the Republic of Yemen has not changed, as America is killing the Yemeni people with its weapons and its blockade.”

He added that the administration is ravaging efforts to bring peace to Yemen, saying that America’s policy toward Yemen “puts all the efforts of the envoy and the United Nations at risk.”

On the other hand, Mohammed al-Houthi blamed the aggression forces for polluting Yemen’s territorial waters.

“What is happening on the coasts of the occupied southern provinces of Yemen is the death of fish, which is a signal of chemical and biological traces in the water.”

He added that these effects “appeared after the arrival of ships belonging to Saudi-led countries, which sources said to be American ships that made port there.”

“We hold the US-British-Saudi-UAE aggression and its allies responsible for any direct or other contamination of Yemen’s territorial waters,” he said.

In conclusion, al-Houthi accused the coalition of seeking to distort Yemeni values, saying: “the US- Saudi-Emirati aggression seeks to distort the Yemeni people’s values, morals and teachings of heaven.”