Minister of Health criticises UN inaction regarding Covid-19 pandemic


Al- Thawra Net

Minister of Public Health and Population in the National Salvation Government, Dr. Taha al-Mutawakkil, has on Monday strongly criticized the inaction of the United Nations and its organisations in combating the Covid-19 pandemic in the Republic of Yemen.

“The United Nations is reckless,” Al Masirah TV quoted al-Mutawakkil as saying .

The minister stressed that the United Nations is “absent in combating coronavirus in the occupied territories,” and said that “the statements of its officials are far removed from the reality.”

However, there is also good news according to the minister. He stated that “the death rate in Yemen due to corona is very low, as a result of the adoption of a policy of serving the patient and the community.” The Yemeni policy of taking on Covid-19 “proves to be successful day after day.”

“Our policy in the face of corona has angered the Saudi-led aggression, which sought to create social chaos, and is now pumping out more rumours,” he said.

The Minister of Health assured citizens that, with its own efforts and great political care, the ministry stands by them ij obtaining healthcare according to the highest possible level, in the light of the aggression and the blockade.”

He pointed out that Yemeni companies have started to produce medicines that are currently lacking due to the Saudi-led invasion and blockade.

Minister al-Mutawakkil urged the United Nations to carry out its responsibilities to stop the aggression and lift the siege on Yemen.