Shabwa Governor: Saudi Aggression Forces Imposes Illegal Taxes ,Escalates its crimes against Citizens


Governor of Shabwa province condemned the US-Saudi-Emirati occupation forces escalation of crimes against the people of the province.

“The arrests, raids and levies against the people of the province are crimes added to previous crimes of the occupation authorities,” Ahmed Al-Hassan Al-Amir pointed in a statement.

He pointed out that the crimes committed by the occupation tools against the people of Shabwa are not subject to the statute of limitations, considering that the imposition of illegal taxes on the commercial and service sectors for so-called security protection falls within the framework of extortion crimes.

Moreover, the occupation forces “loot crude oil from the province’s ports at a monthly rate of 1.2 million barrels and convert the ports of Radhum district into a receiving station for fuel shipments smuggled by the pro-aggression oil mafia,” Al-Amir confirmed.

“These criminal acts put the occupation authorities in front of public accountability to know the fate of the oil revenues they collect and use for partisan interests at the expense of the people of the province instead of using them in improving services and paying salaries,” he added.

The Governor of Shabwa called on the free people in the province to confront criminal practices, reject any illegal levies and work for the release of all detainees from Shabwa and the southern governorates in the secret prisons of the occupation authorities.