Mohammed al-Houthi: The US should sanction Zionist entity rather than Yemen


Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, had called on the US administration to include the leaders of the Zionist entity in its list of sanctions for the crime of hindering peace.

Al-Houthi said: “I call on America to place the figures of the defeated Zionist entity on the sanctions list, as they are responsible for the annihilation of peace in Palestine after the aggression against Al-Aqsa and the occupied Palestinian people.”

Additionally, the Israeli entity failed an official US peace plan, represented by the so-called Deal of the Century, which has been rejected by the Yemeni government in Sana’a, after the aggression against Al-Aqsa and occupied Palestine.

“It is better for the US administration to punish those who failed its official peace plan in Palestine, rather than placing sanctions on others under the pretext of rejecting peace for which a plan was not presented,” he added, referring to the threats of the US Special Envoy on Yemen Tim Lenderking to put sanctions on the National Salvation Government.