Sayyed Khamenei: Yemen after 7 years of war not surrendered despite lack of food, medicines


Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Sayyed Ali Khamenei says Yemen, which has been besieged and alone for seven years of war has not surrendered despite a lack of food, medicines and other basic needs.

In a message released on July 17, 2021 on the occasion of the start of the Hajj rituals, he confirmed that continued resistance is what can prevent America and other international aggressors from interfering in the affairs of the Islamic countries.

Sayyed Ali talked about all suffering countries in the region. He said “Usurped Palestine is calling for our help. Innocent, bloodied Yemen torments every heart. The plight of Afghanistan concerns everyone. The bitter events in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and some other countries – where the interfering, malevolent hand of the US and its cohorts is completely visible – is stimulating the zeal and determination of all the young people.

On the other hand, Sayyed mentioned the emergence of the Resistance Forces throughout this sensitive region, the awakening of nations, and the motivation of the young, enthusiastic generation, is making hearts overflow with hope.

He added: ”Palestine is wielding the sword of Quds in all its territories. Quds, Gaza, the West Bank, the 1948 Lands and the Palestinian camps all rose up and bravely defeated the aggressor over the course of just 12 days”.

Yemen, which has been besieged and alone, has endured seven years of war, crimes, and the murder of innocent people by the evil, stone-hearted enemy. It has not surrendered despite a lack of food, medicines and other basic needs. On the contrary, Yemen has perplexed the enemy with its power and ingenuity, he said.

Regarding Iraq’s Resistance, Sayyed said “the Resistance Forces are pushing back the occupying US and its puppet DAESH. With their loud cries, they are eloquently expressing their firm decision to confront every act of interference and malice on the part of the US and its cohorts.”

He added that: “The American propaganda effort to distort the will, demands and actions of the brave youth and forces of the Resistance in Syria, Lebanon and other countries and to ascribe them to Iran or any other reference point, is an insult to those valiant, vigilant youth. And this stems from America’s deep ignorance about regional nations.”

Regarding preventing Hajj by Saudi Regime for the second year, he said the Islamic nation has been deprived of the great blessing of Hajj. Thus, eager hearts filled with sadness and sorrow were deprived of the banquet at the honorable House that God, the Wise and Merciful, built for people.

He said: “This is the second year that the season of happiness and spiritual exaltation associated with Hajj has turned into a season of separation and regret. The tribulation of the pandemic and perhaps that of the policies dominating over the Holy Ka’bah have deprived the eyes of the eager believers from seeing the Islamic nation’s symbol of unity, greatness and spirituality. Thus, this glorious, honorable summit has been covered with clouds and dust.”

Source: Tasnim News Agency