Leaderships of Parliament, Shura discuss several national issues


A meeting was held in the Parliament, chaired by Parliament Speaker Yahya Al-Ra’I and included the Shura Council Speaker Muhammad Al-Aidarous, and the two deputy speakers of the parliament and the Shura Council.

The meeting discussed the important national issues and topics, based on the results of the Parliament Speaker’s meeting with the Shura speaker, his deputy, and a number of the Shura members last week.

Among the most prominent issues reviewed in the meeting were the procedures and treatments that the Salvation Government has taken and are taking to alleviate the suffering of Yemeni expatriates, and the measures taken by the government to confront the aggressive measures dictated by the Saudi-led coalition on its agents and traitors to raise customs duties.

The meeting dealt with ways to confront the siege imposed on Yemen through the government’s preparation of strategic studies.

The meeting assigned the Salvation Government to set up an executive mechanism to overcome many urgent problems, and to provide the Speaker of Parliament with what will be reached within a week.