Marib sheikhs welcome Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’s initiative regarding peace


Tribes and sheikhs of Marib province welcomed on Tuesday Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’s initiative that presented to the Omani delegation regarding the establishment of peace in the province.

According to private sources, Marib sheikhs considered this initiative is the right solution and way to achieve the real peace, adding that it is realistic and equitable for the sons of the province in particular and the Yemen people in general.

The welcome of the Marib tribes came one day after the head of the Sanaa negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul Salam, clarified the initiative presented to the Omani mediation during its visit to Sanaa.

Abdulsalam stated that the initiative stipulates not attacking citizens and restarting the gas station, and there must be a joint administration from the sons of Marib tribes for maintaining security and stability of the province, as well as removing al-Qaeda and ISIS elements.

He affirmed the initiative also demands to share other provinces in oil and gas wealth, in additional to the formation of a joint committee to repair the Safer-Ras Issa pipeline.

According to the initiative, it stressed ensuring freedom of movement, releasing all the kidnapped, compensating those affected, and returning the displaced from Marib sons.