A New Crime By Saudi- Emirati Mercenaries to A Passenger


 Gangs enabled by the Saudi-Emirati occupation has  committed a new murder against a traveler on the highway, and in the same way the heinous crime that was committed a short time ago against the young man, Abdul-Malik Al-Sanabani.

The same hands, killers, still enjoy the protection and support of the enemy despite the widespread popular condemnation. This reveals the fact that this brutality was deliberately imposed as part of a destructive scheme to target all everyone.

The victim of the new crime, and not the last, is the young man Atef Saeed Muhammad al-Harazi (35 years), who was working with “Doctors Without Borders” as a nurse in one of the hospitals supported by the organization in Ibb governorate.

According to the Doctors Without Borders organization, Al-Harazi was on a special flight to Aden with a number of his friends, but he did not reach his destination; Because he was killed on the way.

The crime occurred at the Tur al-Baha point where the mercenaries of the so-called “Ninth Brigade” of the “Transitional” militia backed by the US-Saudi aggression are stationed, and it is the notorious place where the crime of kidnapping and killing the young Abdul Malik al-Sanbani was committed a few weeks ago.

According to many local and media sources, the new crime matched Al-Sanabani’s murder in many details. Al-Harazi refused to hand over the money, so the killers responded immediately by shooting him and killing him among his comrades.