Yemeni Parliament Warns of Suspicious Movements of UN, US Envoys


The Parliament, Tuesday, headed by Parliament Head Yahya Ali Al-Ra’i, discussed the latest developments at the local level, in conjunction with the escalation of the US-Saudi aggression and the intensification of its raids on Yemeni cities.

The Parliament objected the suspicious meetings of the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, and the American envoy, Linder King. It accused them of causing the recent escalation through their meetings with the mercenaries of the Saudi-led aggression Sultan Al-Barakani, Mohammed Al-Shaddadi, and other traitors.

The Parliament denounced the meeting of the UN envoy with these traitors in Cairo, since they are the ones who provoked the US-Saudi aggression against the Yemeni people led by America and Saudi Arabia. It pointed to the suspicious moves, which on the surface suggest a quest to stop the war and achieve peace in Yemen, while in fact it is the opposite.

The Yemeni Parliament called on the people’s representatives to be wary of these suspicious moves by UN and US envoys, stressing the importance of strengthening national unity and confronting all conspiracies targeting Yemen’s land and people.

“They condemned the escalation by intensifying air raids on civilians, targeting civilians in their homes in Sana’a and a number of governorates with dozens of raids daily,” the Parliament said.

The Members of parliament warned the UN envoy against dealing with tools of aggression and marketing terms of conflict and political settlement at a time when the Yemeni people are being subjected to US-Saudi-Emirati criminal aggression, under the auspices of British Zionism. They also warned the international community against dealing with traitors who brought aggression to destroy the capabilities of the Yemeni people, noting that any internal disputes do not justify anyone bringing invaders and occupiers into the country and trading the fate of the homeland.

The People’s Representatives affirmed that the Parliament in Yemen, based in Sana’a, is the constitutional and legitimate representative of the Yemeni people and elected by them. The Members of Parliament called on the international community to review its miscalculations, put an end to the double standards, positively deal with the grievances of the Yemeni people and work to stop the aggression and end the siege and the suffering of the Yemeni people.

They also called on the UN to assume its humanitarian and moral responsibilities, and work to bring the perpetrators of war crimes against Yemeni children to international courts.