‘Human Rights’ in Taiz condemns aggression crimes against childhood


The Human Rights Office in Taiz province on Saturday denounced the crimes and violations of the loyalists of the Saudi-led  aggression coalition in the province against childhood and their targeting of populated and safe areas with missiles.

The office in a statement, that it monitored the fall of one of the shells coming from the areas under the control of the coalition forces on Qubbat Rasyan in al-Barh area of Maqbna district, at about 10:00 am on Saturday, which resulted in the killing of two women and two child girls and wounding of two other girls.

The statement indicated that the dead were: Jamila Abdelkhaleq (40 years), Lina Abdo Saeed Abdelkhaleq (25 years), Abeer Walid Abdelkhaleq (five years), and Khawla Abdo Saeed Abdelkhaleq (six years), and the wounded are Raghad Hashem Abdelkhaleq (14 years) and Rania Mansour Abdelkhaleq (16 years old).

The Human Rights Office in Taiz affirmed that targeting of residential and populated areas with missiles is a war crime, a crime against humanity and a violation of the right of childhood.

In the statement, the office called on all international and local organizations concerned with human rights to assume their humanitarian responsibilities in monitoring and documenting these crimes, and working to prosecute the perpetrators and bring them before justice.