Human Rights Office Condemns Saudi Aggression Targeting The only water Project in Sa’ada


The Human Rights Office in Sa’ada governorate condemned, on Wednesday, the targeting of the only water project in Sa’ada by the US-Saudi aggression, considering that targeting as a cowardly act that is outside all ethics of wars.

In a statement, the Human Rights Office stated that the water project of Sa’ada city benefits more than 200 thousands people.

The statement pointed out that targeting this public project by the aggression increases suffering of the citizens and makes them search for water from difficult to reach places or buy expensive water . It noted that it is the responsibility of humanitarian organizations and UN bodies to urgently repair the water station with funds provided by international donors.

The statement called for exposing the acts of the US-Saudi aggression and its goals through coverage from all media outlets operating in the official and private sector. It recommended starting a campaign to expose the aggression intention for targeting such a vital facility. It stressed that the issue of targeting the only water project in Saada will be present and strongly in human rights forums within the humanitarian issues and crimes committed by the US-Saudi aggression since 2015 until today.