Sana’a witnesses massive vigils calling for general mobilization, support for fronts


The people of the Sana’a province districts went out after Friday prayers in mass vigils under the slogan “if you return, we will return, and Allah is with us.”

The participants in the vigils called on all Yemeni tribes to declare a general mobilization and continue to supply the fronts with money and men until the defeat of all invaders and mercenaries, and the liberation of all occupied Yemeni lands.

They pointed out, in a statement issued during the vigils, that the days have proven that the US-backed Saudi-led aggression understands only the language of force and escalation.

The statement called on the army to carry out strikes with missiles and drones in the depth of the UAE state in response to the continuation of the aggression’s crimes and escalation.

The sons of Sana’a praised the steadfastness and determination of the heroes of the army and the popular committees on the Shabwah and Marib provinces fronts.