I’M Not The Muslim Caliph, But A Zionist Ally!


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has on Wednesday received the head of the extremist Jewish Zionist enemy Isaac Herzog in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

The visit came to reveal the extent of Turkish-Zionist relations after years of keeping them hidden under the allegations that Erdogan was making regarding Palestine and against the Zionist enemy.

Contrary to the slogans and allegations made by Erdogan in the past period, Turkey has established relations with the Zionists for decades despite the “Marmara” play that took place in 2010, when the same year witnessed a visit by the Zionist Prime Minister Ehud Barak at the time, and since the same year Erdogan appeared in a false position, claiming It stands against the Zionist enemy and its solidarity with Palestine.

Erdogan’s relations with the Zionists are not new, of course. His call to the president of the Zionist enemy came after years of young Turkish-Jewish relations. Tensions emerged in the form of positions claimed by Erdogan and slogans he chanted against the Zionists. It was said that the attack carried out by Zionist forces against the Turkish Marmara ship in 2010 was the most important reason Tension.

19 Turkish international activists were killed on board the ship, which was trying to break the Zionist siege imposed on Gaza.

Observers saw that that  incident was a play, after which Erdogan launched many slogans and headlines, and considered that what is happening today is not the beginning of normalization, but the beginning of another project targeting the region, and the arrival of the head of the Zionist enemy preceded Turkish visits to the Zionist entity during the past days.

The Turkish and Zionist foreign ministries said that a large delegation from Turkey went to the Zionist entity on Wednesday, February 15, in the framework of preparations for the visit of the Jewish official to Turkey, which means that Erdogan received the president of the Zionist enemy with a warm welcome that appeared yesterday in the context of a dangerous conspiracy between Turkey and the Zionist enemy.

During the past weeks, the president of the Zionist enemy visited the Emirates, then Greece and then Cyprus, followed by a visit by Erdogan to the state of the Emirates, sources suggested that the state of the Emirates, which acts as a front for the Zionist project in the region and the godfather of normalization, sought to return Erdogan to the Zionist fold, as for the visit of the Jew Herzog to Greece and Cyprus It was with the aim of reassuring them that rapprochement with Turkey would not undermine the relations of the Zionist enemy with the two countries that have maritime borders across the Mediterranean with the entity of the Zionist enemy.

The Zionist enemy entered into a partnership with Greece and Cyprus to build a gas pipeline from the eastern Mediterranean, but the project has largely stopped since the United States withdrew its support for the project in January of this year, and Erdogan, who was excluded from the project, claimed his entitlement to the offshore gas reserves, and in February Erdogan said a potential gas partnership would be on the agenda for Herzog’s visit.
Erdogan, who faced a coup during the past years that almost killed him, is turning against himself and his slogans by receiving the president of the Zionist enemy, and the Turkish president, wracked by economic crises at home, is taking steps to improve his relations with those he described as opponents such as the state of the Emirates, to install the extensions of his authoritarian rule from Gateway to betrayal of the nation.

Open markets for the Zionist enemy

Earlier this week, the Zionist enemy hosted a group of 100 businessmen from Turkey in a bid to boost trade ties, and according to figures presented at the event in Tel Aviv for Turkish and Jewish business leaders, bilateral trade between the two countries jumped to $6.7 billion in 2021, a 35% increase from $4.9 billion in 2020, but still lower than in 2018, when trade between the two countries approached $8 billion.

The head of the Turkish Exporters Association, Gul Ismail, said that they and the Zionists aim to reach $9 billion in exports to each other in 2022, and that diplomatic efforts are strengthening these attempts. He told the Turkish “Anatolia” news agency, “Improving our political relations will enhance our trade relations further He added, “Regional trade will create a very positive infrastructure to promote non-war regional policies.”

Erdogan’s coup against principles and gasping after his special interests

Even with the height of Erdogan’s verbal escalation and his resonant speeches against the Zionist enemy, Erdogan did not link the fate of his relations with the Zionists except to the incident of the Marmara ship, while Brotherhood propaganda in the Islamic world tends to link it to the Palestinian cause for which Erdogan did not count any account, and while his demands were from the Zionists Concentrated in the apology for the Marmara incident, the Zionists, until this moment, refused to make any apology.

Nevertheless, Erdogan went to shake hands with the Zionist president and receive him again, after he threw all the principles abroad, whether it was related to Turkey itself, which sees its right to the Zionist apology, or something related to an issue The Islamic nation Palestine, which Erdogan presented himself as the caliph of the just Islam.
In order to identify the reasons that made Erdogan disavow this open disguise and turn this strong rotation, from his support for Hamas and the Brotherhood, his opposition to the state of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and his allegations against the Zionists, and attacks on those he called earlier the Arab press, to receiving the president of the Zionist enemy, and the great hospitality in hospitality And the reception ceremonies, and the Turkish media’s praising of the visit, it is necessary to go back a little to see the state of Erdogan’s disavowal and alienation that Erdogan seemed to be in.

At first, Erdogan tried to appear as the first defender of the Palestinian cause, and until two years ago from now, when he launched a scathing attack on the two states of the Emirates and Bahrain, and used very harsh expressions against them, because of their declaration of normalization with the Zionist enemy.

Erdogan Successfully enjoyed a great popularity among the Arab and Muslim peoples through  his misleading rhetoric,  false claims in supporting the Palestinian and his hosting for  the Muslim Brotherhood leaders  who were raising the slogans of the Palestinian cause and  promoting that the prosecutions against them in their countries against the backdrop of their position in support of Palestine.

Moreover, Erdogan succeeded in his propaganda, which now looks like the most horrible case of clowning that took place when he was promoting as the “Just Caliph of Muslims” in platforms, satellite channels, newspapers and events of Muslims  brotherhood.

He used his famous slogans about Palestine to give the propaganda acceptance in Arab, Muslim and even Turkish circles.  Erdogan attacked his opponents, including those at home and described them  as Zionists, building alliances with the Zionist enemy

He also used the Brotherhood in the Arab States to serve his political ambitions, which were practically difficult to achieve because of Erdogan’s limited potential and the power of his opponents.

To two years ago, Erdogan was bringing back the same slogans and jiggling on the air in order to win popularity,  attacking regimes that have a normalization ties  with Zionists and calling for resisting Israeli occupation. However,  but two years ago, he turned upside down in his words and began a series of actions, which were in contrast to the slogans he had raised over the past years, and yesterday, that Erdogan was over-celebrating the Zionist president who had arrived  to Ankara.

Before that, Erdogan had worked to improve his relations with Arab states that have a normalization ties with the Zionist entity. He approached the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and visited Morocco.

To satisfy all of them by taking action against the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood who oppose these regimes from within Turkey, but that was not sufficient to stabilize his absolute presidency of Turkey,  improve his economic situation and resolve the economic storms the Turks, nor to guarantee him the victory of the upcoming elections. Therefore, he turned to the Zionist enemy to win the US friendly relation that Erdogan lost due to his failure in Syria.

Erdogan’s recourse to the Zionist enemy is not limited to the political, influence and support aspects, but there is an important economic aspect. He is  trying to persuade the Zionists to use Turkish territory to extend a Zionist gas pipeline to Europe, a project that will benefit Erdogan with financial resources, as well as get Turkey’s gas need, especially since it imports 90 percent of the gas it needs from abroad.

Erdogan’s involvement in the war against Syria, his attacks on Iraq by establishing military bases in northern Iraq, sending fighters to Libya, direct intervention in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, his conflicts over the wealth of the Mediterranean Sea with Cyprus, Greece and Egypt, and his shaky and anachronistic internal situation backfired on him.

Economic conditions have aggravated and the Turkish currency has collapsed.

Unemployment has increased, and protests against Erdogan’s policies have  erupted , as Turkish opposition parties that have weathered popular resentment and widened the cycle of discontent over Erdogan.

Thousands of members of the Erdogan-led Justice and Development Party (AKP) have split from the party, and I feel that Erdogan is in a danger to his immediate political future, especially since the date of the presidential and parliamentary elections is very soon, all these factors made Erdogan to openly and shamelessly embrace Zionism.

Will Erdogan win the Zionists and Turkey, or will he win the share of disappointment?. His legacy in the Zionists will not provide him with what he wants, because Zionists need someone to help them.

First and foremost, Erdogan has followed in the footsteps of MBZ, Hamad al-Khalifah, Mohammed VI & Omar al-Bashir who normalised with the apartheid Zionist enemy, and betrayed Palestine. Obviously, Erdogan bets that he is the most sharp-witted among them all; nonetheless, he is and by all accounts deluded and defeated.



Source:  Al-Thawra Net