United Nations fails yet again in abiding by plan to repair Safer oil platform


The head of the supervisory committee for the implementation of the urgent maintenance agreement and the comprehensive evaluation of the floating tank Safer Ebrahim al-Seraji confirmed on Friday that the United Nations did not present the operational plan stipulated in the memorandum of understanding, despite the lapse of more than a month since its signing.

In a statement to Saba, al-Seraji said the memorandum of understanding stipulated that the United Nations prepare an operational plan, according to the contents of the memorandum, but that has not happened so far.

He pointed out that the delay in the delivery of the operational plan is not a positive indication of the commitment of the United Nations to what was agreed upon.

The head of the committee stressed that Safer reservoir is in a state of continuous deterioration that calls for expediting the implementation of commitments to prevent a potential disaster in the Red Sea.