5th Military Region receives 33 returnees


The returnees official at the Fifth Military Region, Brig. Gen. Riyad Baldhi has said that the region received 33 returnees coming from the West Coast front.

The Region welcomed the returnees to the homeland ranks after the facts and intentions of the countries of aggression and their mercenaries were revealed to them.

The region stressed that the decision to return home is a step in the right direction, especially after the spread of temptations and means of deception, which the countries of aggression take with the deceivers to prevent them from returning to their families and their homeland.

Baldhi revealed that the number of returnees had risen to 20,000 during the last period, especially after coordinating their return and securing their access to their areas easily.

He deemed the return a positive step towards cohesion in building Yemen and defeating the invaders and occupiers.

He urged the deceived to return to the side of the homeland, by taking advantage of the general amnesty decision before it is too late, indicating that the opportunity still exists for those who wish to return to the side of the homeland, whether they are ranks, officers and individuals.

For their part, the returnees confirmed that there are many non-commissioned officers, officers and individuals on several fronts in the West Coast who wish to return to the homeland so as to benefit from the general amnesty decision.