PM discusses with Hadhramaut, Mahrah governors situation in both provinces


Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor on Saturday discussed with governors of Hadhramaut and Mahrah provinces, Luqman Baras and Qatabi Ali Al-Faraj, the situation in the two provinces in light of the continued aggression of Saudi-led coalition.

During the meeting, Dr. bin Habtoor stressed that “the plans of the occupation in the occupied provinces and areas should be confronted by their freedmen with the support and backing of the national project against aggression and the US-Saudi-Emirati blockade.”

The Prime Minister praised the honorable model of resistance presented by the free people of Mahra and the sacrifices they make as they confront the Saudi occupier and its projects in the province that blatantly violate national sovereignty.

He pointed out that the US ambassador’s visit to Hadhramaut and Mahrah falls under his country’s continuous efforts to control the oil fields and ports along the southern strip of the Republic of Yemen and part of the western coast.

In the meeting, the importance of supporting the activity of the popular resistance in those provinces to counter the plans and ambitions of the new colonizer was emphasized, as this is the best option to confront the occupation and force it to leave the occupied Yemeni lands.