Hadrami engineer :A New Oil Basin is the reason for the Escalation in the province


A Hadrami engineer specialized in oil revealed a new secret that is pushing regional and international powers to struggle over the Al-Mahra Governorate, located on the eastern coast of Yemen.

Muhammad Saeed Bahhadad said that Al-Mahra maintains one of the largest oil basins in Yemen known as “Jiza-al-Qamar”, noting that the basin is characterized by a large thickness of the stratigraphic sequence..

In Haddad, he indicated that there may be more than one petroleum system in it, according to a geological survey of foreign companies.

Its oil basin was also considered one of the reasons for the regional and international conflict to control the province, which is also gaining a strategic location on the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

In recent years, Al-Mahra has become a destination for the international forces that camp at its airport and take it as a military base under the pretext of protecting international navigation.