Mufti of Yemen: US, Britain Behind Aggression on Yemen


The US and Britain stand behind the aggression against Yemen, Mufti of Yemen Scholar Shams Al-Din Sharaf Al-Din affirmed, calling for confronting the aggression.

In a speech delivered during the annual conference of Yemeni scholars held in Sana’a on Wednesday, the Mufti of Yemen called for unity of the word and unity among believers.

He stressed that the scholars should take a stand against the tyrants of the earth, stressing that the American, British and Israeli aggression is behind the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen.

Scholar Shams Al-Din pointed to the danger of the presence of American, British, French and Zionist forces in the occupied governorates in southern and eastern Yemen. He called upon the scholars to do their duty to confront aggression and foreign presence in the country.

“When scholars remain silent in the face of aggression, siege and looting of wealth in light of human suffering, this is a big mistake,” he said.

He stressed that it is the duty of scholars to confront the organized looting of Yemeni wealth by the forces of aggression.

“Scholars should not limit their responsibilities to some issues of jurisprudence, but rather they should face evil and tyranny against our nation.”

He pointed out that one of the messages of the recent military parade is for the people of the nation to realize that they can do what they considered impossible, even in difficult circumstances. He noted that “our nation has capabilities to confront our enemies, and we must strengthen this within the framework of preparation.”

The Mufti of Yemen noted that some scholars forbid the Prophet’s birthday and overlook the haste of regimes to be loyal to the Jews and to open Islamic countries for American bases.