Sana’a directs warning message to UAE regarding Socotra Island


The National Salvation Government in Sana’a on Monday sent a warning message, through a senior official, to the UAE regarding the Island of Socotra.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Sana’a government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, said in a tweet on Twitter, “the UAE must arrange evacuation and departure procedures as soon as possible,” stressing that Socotra is in the heart of 40 million Yemenis.

Al-Ezzi’s message carries several indications of the practical measures that Sanaa forces may implement in their own way, such as protecting Yemeni wealth and sovereignty.

Sana’a was able, during the recent period, to impose a new equation to protect Yemen’s oil wealth and prevent crude oil-looting ships from smuggling additional quantities of Yemen’s crude oil, through several warning strikes.

In a related context, Al-Ezzi revealed the departure of an American ship after it approached Yemen’s territorial waters, which he described as “a good and positive step.”