Parliament calls for actions against crimes that offend Islamic sanctities


The Yemeni Parliament on Saturday demanded that punitive actions be taken against crimes that offend Islamic sanctities, as well as against extremists who burned and tore copies of the Holy Quran.

The Parliament members denounced the negligent stances of the normalization regimes towards countries that allowed offense to Islamic sanctities, and decided to address the Arab and Islamic parliaments to take firm stances towards countries that protect or justify the perpetrators of these crimes.

They criticized the Western nations’ strategy of applying different standards to attacks and rights breaches against the Palestinian Arab people, and the confiscation of their right to defend themselves and confront the Zionist occupation forces.

On another hand, the Parliament also condemned strongly the heinous crimes committed by the Saudi spy warplanes in Al-Sharjah area of Al-Jarrahi district in Hodeida province, which claimed the lives of three children and wounded others, as well as the Saudi bombardment on border populated villages and areas in Saada province on an almost daily basis.

The Parliament held America and Britain responsible for these crimes, as they gave the Saudi regime international cover and support for the continuation of committing more crimes, calling for the formation of an impartial international committee to investigate these crimes, and to bring the perpetrators to justice to receive their deterrent punishment.