56,000 tons of waste were removed and 6,000 dogs exterminated in Sana’a governorate


The Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Sana’a Governorate achieved successes in providing services, improving the appearance of cities, and combating stray and rabid dogs, during the first half of the current year.

A report issued by the fund, a copy of which was received by the Yemeni News Agency (SABA), stated that 56,377 tons and 71 kilograms of waste were lifted, and transported through 26,243 tour to dumps designated for waste in the governorate center and the districts of Sanhan, Hamedan, Bani Hashish, Bani Matar and Arhab and other districts.

The report referred to the implementation of campaigns to exterminate stray and rabid dogs in the center of the province and a number of districts, during which six thousand and 72 dogs were exterminated.

It stated that the Technical Department and the Department of Parks and Landscaping supplied 2,000 and 85 bowls of water to water the trees in a number of streets, in addition to the work of turning over and reclamating the soil and the work of septic tanking in the central islands of the main streets.

The Executive Director of the Fund in the governorate, Eng. Muhammad Al-Kahlani, explained that the Fund began, since the month of Muharram, to implement large-scale cleaning campaigns in the districts of Touk Sana’a, to enhance efforts to prevent the accumulation of waste and preserve the environment.

He appreciated the role of the governorate’s leadership and its cooperation in overcoming difficulties, providing the fund with equipment and machinery, and providing all its needs to enhance its service role in reducing the accumulation of waste, and preserving the aesthetic appearance and civilized view of cities.

Al-Kahlani praised the efforts of cleaning workers and teams working in the field to supervise cleaning campaigns and remove torrential waste from the central islands, stressing the importance of concerted community efforts to maintain public cleanliness.