Security media broadcasts video of confessions of persons accused of disturbing public security


The security media distributed on Monday a video of the taped confessions of the defendants, Mustafa al-Moumri and others, of disturbing public security and harming the public interest.

The video of the security media showed the confession of the accused, Mustafa al-Maumri, of his intervention in disputes between people by contacting one of the parties, threatening and intimidating him in order to resolve the issue and give him a fee for that.

Al-Momari’s confessions included slandering all state officials and accusing them of charges that contradict the values and customs of Yemeni society. He also admitted the cases in which he intervened and received money from the parties, stressing that he made a mistake in his interventions in issues and disputes and the exploitation of his fame and intimidation of people.

The second accused, Ahmed Ahmed Abdel-Khaleq Hajar, presented his testimony in the video by departing from the scope of joking words and showing the personality of Ahmed Hajar to people, and harnessing his words to make videos discussing issues and dealing with them in a comic, satirical manner, and he said, “I wanted to show people who Ahmed Hajar is only and nothing else, meaning that people know me to get fame, for example.”

The accused, Hajar, added, “I made a mistake in the video in which I accused the National Salvation Government of stealing and consuming the salaries of state employees and of forcing the masses to go out in events and occasions by force and threats.” He confirmed that the accusation made in the video is wrong, and that the aggression is behind cutting people’s dues and salaries.

The third accused, Ahmed Yahya Ali Allaw, admitted to having a fake account on Twitter under the name “Free Yemeni”, which was created in 2020, and that he used it to publish inciting tweets against the state and disrupt the internal front.