Minister of Defense affirms Yemeni authority over territorial waters


Yemeni Minister of Defense , Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Atifi, said that Sana’a has the right to exercise sovereignty over Yemen’s territorial waters.

During his visit to the Special Forces training camp in the Fifth Military Region on Monday, Al-Atifi said that Yemeni sovereignty over regional waters, ports, islands and shipping lanes is one of the constants that requires all sacrifices and the appropriate military measures to defend.

“The Red Sea was and still is a focus for foreign ambitions, foremost of which is the Zionists who are trying to find a foothold in it”, the minister said.

Al-Atifi added: “We assure the Zionist enemy that its absurdity will not last long, and the Zionists’ interventions will not be accepted, and we will communicate this concept to them in the appropriate manner and in a timely manner.”

Maj. Gen. Al-Atifi affirmed that the armed forces have become today a feared force that have all the factors of strength, stability and qualitative combat capability, whether in the offensive or defensive battle at the various tactical, operational and strategic levels and in its various types on land, at sea and in the sky.

The minister indicated that Yemen, thanks to Allah and the wisdom of the revolutionary leadership, has taken its confident and basic steps in equal international and global relations, without diminution of national sovereignty.

“We have restored the right path that preserves our dignity and independence and liberates our national will from any subordination that existed as a result of policies and practices in previous periods,” he went on to say.

“Everyone, partners, teams, opponents, friends and enemies, should know well that our national decision has one source in the hands of a rational, strong and courageous leadership represented by the leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, a man of stances, peace and challenges” Al-Atifi added.

“We are ready to take any combat stance with solid strength, and high combat efficiency,” Al-Atifi said, “the aggression must only understand the nature of the stage and its requirements.”