Yemeni armed forces Holds Military Maneuver Marking 9th Year of Steadfastness


The Yemeni Armed Forces have carried out a typical military drills in which all military units participated, coinciding with the entry into the ninth year of steadfastness in the face of aggression.

The military drills simulated the attack on a group of targets with a variety of terrain, including mountainous, desert and trees, which were approached from open areas.

All military units from the infantry forces, including company and faction commanders, and units graduating from military courses, combat support forces of various disciplines and combat support services participated in the drills.

The drills took place between the participating units, infantry forces and specialized units, including units against armor, engineering, air defense, the air force, and the missile force, in coordination and integration between all participating units, in coordination with military communications, and the provision of combat support services for all disciplines.

The forces participating in the drills were able to control all the targets set, assuming the presence of military and hostile air forces, targeting the fighters, and taking into account the presence of strong resistance from the enemy.

The forces were able to control those targets with a hostile field simulation that was bypassed with new methods and tactics that were devised as a result of the correct evaluation of the experiences of previous events, reading future events, evaluating past imbalances and mistakes, and benefiting from the accumulation of experiences, skills and military plans, in addition to the participation of all military units and the integrated coordination between the infantry forces, combat support forces and combat support services.