Saudi Arabia cuts off electricity on Aden to overthrow the STC


Saudi Arabia has begun retaliatory measures against the UAE-backed Transitional Council and its president, Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, that would overthrow him, in response to his escalation against it.

Sources reported that the assistant head of the joint committee to supervise the Saudi oil grant, Walid Al-Abbasi, who is the son-in-law of Maeen Abdul-Malik, stopped the disbursement of 5 thousand tons of diesel allocated to Aden electricity, justifying this with the issuance of Saudi directives to stop pumping the quantity.

The sources confirmed that the rest of the power plants in Aden are threatened to stop due to the depletion of fuel and Saudi Arabia stopping the disbursement of the quantity, which will cause a wave of widespread popular discontent against the transitional government that controls Aden.

This comes two days after al-Zubaidi returned to Aden after 6 months of preventing him from returning to the city