Al-Mashat deplores Arab positions at Jeddah Summit on Yemen, its unity


The President of the Political Council in Sana’a, Mahdi Al-Mashat, denounced on Monday the adherence of the joint Arab statement issued by the Jeddah Summit to UN Security Council Resolution “2216” as a reference for peace in Yemen.

President Al-Mashat said, during his speech today on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of Yemeni unity, that peace envoys to Yemen and senior researchers in international centers unanimously agreed today that this decision prolongs the war and permanently closes the way to any peace negotiations or a serious political solution, as it explicitly calls for the surrender of Sanaa.

He pointed out that the joint Arab statement, instead of urging all parties in this war to seek a just and comprehensive peace, focused on supporting the Council of Shame (referring to the Presidential Leadership Council), which was established by the Saudi-led coalition countries and formed from a few people distributed in diaspora hotels at the expense of 40 million besieged Yemenis.

The Jeddah statement considered the ongoing war as a pure civil war, which was not declared from Washington and implemented nine years ago through a coalition of several countries led by Saudi Arabia, President Al-Mashat added, affirming that this is “a shameful jump on reality and on everything that falls within the meaning of truth and self-respect.”

President Al-Mashat indicated that the Arab statement was devoid of any declaration to end the aggression against Yemen or lift the siege imposed on its indigenous people nine years ago.

He pointed out that those gathered at the summit did not try to remember that Sanaa was one of the six founding members of this league.

“The Arab League forgot to consider the issue of Yemeni unity as a step on the road to Arab unity, which is considered one of the most important declared goals of this league”, President Al-Mashat said.

President Al-Mashat considered Yemen the correct measure for correcting positions and the real filter to separate the truth from the lie.

He stressed that “the position on the unity of Yemen and the siege of the Yemeni people, their suffering and deprivation of their wealth and salaries, is the difference between seriousness and play.”