Celebrations Committee reviews arrangements for celebrating Yemeni Revolutionary Days


The Supreme Committee for National Celebrations and Religious Events, led by Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, reviewed on Tuesday the organizational and technical arrangements for celebrating the Yemeni Revolutionary Days, September 21, September 26, October 14, and November 30.

In its meeting, the committee listened to the report of the Minister of Culture, Abdullah Al-Kabsi, on the completion of the ministry’s preparatory tasks in coordination with relevant authorities.

The Minister of Culture confirmed that the Ministry has completed all arrangements related to the ceremony for the ninth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution.

The Prime Minister praised the efforts of all parties to celebrate these national occasions, highlighting the Yemeni revolutions’ noble national and humanitarian goals. He emphasized the importance of the September 21 revolution for all social segments and the need to correct the course of the September 26 and October 14 revolutions.